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1/2 day – 3 days
Through our deeply collaborative process, we’ll build a new blueprint for the way your teams engage with one another. This is our most popular program option, which can be tailored to cover anywhere from 1 – 2 topics deeply or take the deep dive and be very comprehensive, depending on the amount of time and resources you would like to invest.

Among other pain-points, we specialize in helping data-centric work environments develop an appreciation of social connection, open communication and respect for various work styles. After all, it’s not often that your sales team and your engineers share work and communication styles naturally.

By utilizing the GRI (Growth Resources Indicator) behavioral profile assessment to help participants understand their preferred work and communication style, as well as how they are having to adapt in their current role, we can quickly strip away the false belief systems that inhibit understanding.

By investing in a new behavioral dynamic, your teams will reach new levels of effective and efficient communication. By allowing employees to find greater confidence in their roles and engaging them to ultimately build the culture of their work environment, your company will get the benefit of an open, happy and engaged workforce.

Since we are committed to immediate and long-term change, all of our workshops begin with an environmental evaluation and include the exercises with real-time feedback that gives your team immediately implementable skills.

A complete list of topics is available upon request, which includes everything from advanced body language techniques to shifting thinking errors that lead to poor work performance, from rapport building techniques to practicing the ten key assertiveness skills. Our curriculum is all based in the latest findings in neuroscience, social science, cognitive behavioral therapy and the Quanitifed Self movement that seeks to understand effective habit design.

Groups of up to 24 can be accommodated, however more trainers are added for large groups in order to ensure that everyone gets personalized feedback during the session.

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Hear From Our Clients

“I wholeheartedly recommend courses from Social Fluency. The skills I've learned have enabled me to create new connections, strengthen existing relationships, and improve my confidence at work and when meeting people in general. Each week, I felt more of my true personality shining through. After internalizing this material, my life is more fun than it's ever been -- and I'm positive that it's only going to get better every day.” --Software Engineer, Apple Computer

“Social Fluency has changed how I carry myself, every minute of every day since I walked out of their office. A few hours with their team showed me a whole set of new rules for how people interact, and now I see them everywhere and think about them in every conversation - at work, at home, on the bus and at a bar. Its like the game of life just got a reset, and its tons of fun to play!” --Company Founder/CTO, Startup

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Social Fluency provides corporate training and individual development. Our unique methodology increases individual performance and team productivity. Become fluent in reading body language. Learn why eye contact matters. Build conversational agility. Defuse difficult situations with humor. Get assertiveness training.

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