Client Specific Curriculum and Certification


Up to 20 hours of customized material to meet your specific needs.

For our clients who want this flexible arrangement, we will meet with you to determine your top concerns and design a course with exercises to directly address your needs.

A few of the options:

  • Deployment, audit and analysis of employee satisfaction survey.
  • GRI assessment and team evaluation summit.
  • Custom selection of topics and tailoring from our primary course material.
  • Custom creation of training material to target a pain-point we may not already cover with our primary material.
  • Train your managers to become Certified Social Fluency Coaches.
  • Hire one of our behavioral and organizational development experts to facilitate your next event, retreat or staff engagement day.

We can also include individual GRI behavioral preferences feedback to each participant, to help build self-awareness of each person’s preferred work styles and strengths, as well as how they are having to adapt in their current role. Our GRI certified instructors use this online tool as a baseline to teach each participant how to approach and communicate with others most productively. Once your employees understand their own work and communication style preferences, we can begin building more effective team communication dynamics. This new dynamic not only cuts down on conflict and disengagement, your happier employees naturally increase efficiency and team output.

Groups of up to 24 can be accommodated, however more trainers are added for large groups in order to ensure that everyone gets personalized feedback during the session.

For more information or to speak to someone about your needs, please fill out the contact form on this page.

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Hear From Our Clients

“I wholeheartedly recommend courses from Social Fluency. The skills I've learned have enabled me to create new connections, strengthen existing relationships, and improve my confidence at work and when meeting people in general. Each week, I felt more of my true personality shining through. After internalizing this material, my life is more fun than it's ever been -- and I'm positive that it's only going to get better every day.” --Software Engineer, Apple Computer

“Social Fluency has changed how I carry myself, every minute of every day since I walked out of their office. A few hours with their team showed me a whole set of new rules for how people interact, and now I see them everywhere and think about them in every conversation - at work, at home, on the bus and at a bar. Its like the game of life just got a reset, and its tons of fun to play!” --Company Founder/CTO, Startup

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Social Fluency provides corporate training and individual development. Our unique methodology increases individual performance and team productivity. Become fluent in reading body language. Learn why eye contact matters. Build conversational agility. Defuse difficult situations with humor. Get assertiveness training.

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