Group Course

1 night a week over 6 weeks

18 hours of life changing material

For six weeks, you’ll meet with a small group of students with similar goals and our supremely awesome instructors. Filled with practice time and exercises, you’ll tap into a new level of confidence and develop your ability to connect with others.

*Optional GroupMe Participation – A private group will be set up via this application to support each other in learning during and after class has ended. Instructors are also available to answer any questions.

* Alumni get special invites and access to ongoing Social Fluency community events – including Fluency Friday Happy Hours, Film Screenings and Salons, Refresher Workshops to continue practicing skills and field trips to Bay Area events.

Here’s what you get each week:

1. The Awareness Class – Breaking Down our Fears and Understanding How to Make Sustainable Change

  • Social Tension and Comfort Zones – How to manage your fears effectively and work with the social tension instead of against it
  • High-Status vs. Low-Status Behaviors – How to intentionally exhibit behaviors that show your internal confidence, in order to raise yours and other’s social status
  • Body Language – Understanding the hidden communication channel we are all participating in and how you can harness it’s power
  • Pause – Putting more of it in your life to make better, intentional choices
  • Habit Design – How to make new behaviors stick and measure your progress over time

2. The Presence Class – Understanding and Managing Yourself in Social Situations and Difficult Conversations

  • Voice – Speaking with your true voice to attract and connect with others
  • The Art of Assertiveness – Confidently communicate what you really mean….to get what you really want while maintaining rapport with others
  • Approaching Others – How to engage people with your presence

3. The Rapport Class – Creating Connections and Being Able to Build Rapport with Anyone

  • Conversational Agility – Being able to talk to anyone, anywhere, at anytime…..when you want to!
  • Heart Conversations & Empathy – Quickly developing a deeper connection with others for maximum impact
  • Networking and Contact Exchange – Always be thinking in terms of how you can help others and genuinely develop a connection

4. The Happy Class – Building the Life you Love and Turning Life into a Social Playground

  • Social Proof & Leadership – How to leverage it to maximize your influence in work and life
  • Appreciative Inquiry – How to see what’s right about a situation and not focus on what is wrong, gratitude and appreciating yourself
  • Happy Life Practices – Ways to find balance and fulfillment in your daily life
  • The Night Time Social Approach – How to meet who you really want to connect with wherever you are, from bars or parties to dinners, networking events or company mixers
  • Humor & the Power of Intention – How to turn daily interactions into fun opportunities for humor while putting yourself and others at ease
  • Reframing – Bringing positive and fun energy to your social dynamic, so others want to invite you to all their functions and people love being around you

5. The Magnetism Class – Influencing Others with your Irresistible Charm

  • Charisma – Attracting who and what you want
  • Establishing Irresistible Personal Presence – Expressing interest, attraction and desire…while maintaining your sense of self and earning respect from others
  • Storytelling and the Power of Metaphor to Influence Others – one of the most effective ways to get people on your side and help others understand your perspective

6. The Possibilities Class – Transforming Your Life from Here Forward

  • Reframing Social Situations to Improve Your Belief System – mental pattern shifting to enforce your new behaviors and decrease what gets in the way
  • Secondary Payoffs and Thinking Errors – how what you think helps you can actually get in your way
  • Transition to our alumni community and a life of awesome possibilities!

Cancellation Policy: Students may change their start date to a future class with no penalty. Cancellations should be made 20 days before the start of class, such cancellations are eligible for a full refund. Cancellations made within 10-20 days before the start of class are eligible for a 50% refund. All other cancellations will be responsible for the full cost of the class.

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Hear From Our Clients

“I wholeheartedly recommend courses from Social Fluency. The skills I've learned have enabled me to create new connections, strengthen existing relationships, and improve my confidence at work and when meeting people in general. Each week, I felt more of my true personality shining through. After internalizing this material, my life is more fun than it's ever been -- and I'm positive that it's only going to get better every day.”
--Software Engineer, Apple Computer

“Social Fluency has changed how I carry myself, every minute of every day since I walked out of their office. A few hours with their team showed me a whole set of new rules for how people interact, and now I see them everywhere and think about them in every conversation - at work, at home, on the bus and at a bar. Its like the game of life just got a reset, and its tons of fun to play!”
--Company Founder/CTO, Startup

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Social Fluency provides corporate training and individual development. Our unique methodology increases individual performance and team productivity. Become fluent in reading body language. Learn why eye contact matters. Build conversational agility. Defuse difficult situations with humor. Get assertiveness training.

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