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In this course, we cover advanced body language, rapport building, influencing others and deeper self-awareness via the GRI behavioral preferences online platform. Think of this as a crash course for those of you who want to enhance your existing social skills, take your career to a new level or for busy professionals who want a highly concentrated immersion experience.

1. Advanced Rapport Building

High-Status Behaviors – Practice intentionally exhibiting behaviors that show internal confidence, to raise your social status, as well as other’s status that you communicate and work with in teams.

Increasing Awareness of Body Language – Understand exactly what you communicate non-verbally, so you can make more intentional choices about your body language. Also, learn to read other’s body language for engagement, trust and receptivity to you and/or the situation.

The Art of Assertiveness – Take your communication skills to the next level for maximum influence on people in your work and personal life. Clearly and confidently communicate what you really mean, to get what you really need and want.

2. Exercise Deeper Self-Awareness

GRI Behavioral Assessment – Better understand the following, through a powerful behavioral science tool:

·      Your communication style

·      Your personal strengths

·      What drives and motivates you

·      How to communicate with “difficult” people

·      How much you adapt style-wise in your current professional role(s)

(Access to the GRI online platform carries on after the date of class and allows ongoing learning opportunities with fellow participants or anyone from your company who has taken the GRI. Participants may invite 1-2 coworkers to also take the GRI for them to share and compare results, which is a great way to shift and improve working relationships between specific team members and an excellent way for the participant to learn empathy and adaptability when dealing with others.)

3. Neuroscience and the Rewiring of our Brains

Balancing Tech with Human Communication - Make conscious and effective choices about how to communicate with others, based on new neuroscience findings and generational diversity issues. Know when the better choice is an in-person conversation vs. email or phone or other modes of communication through technology use.

Neuroscience for the Sexes – The Female Brain, The Male Brain and the Bridge Brain: What you communicate has a lot to do with how you think. Develop an understanding and appreciation for the diversity of ways people think and communicate.

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“I wholeheartedly recommend courses from Social Fluency. The skills I've learned have enabled me to create new connections, strengthen existing relationships, and improve my confidence at work and when meeting people in general. Each week, I felt more of my true personality shining through. After internalizing this material, my life is more fun than it's ever been -- and I'm positive that it's only going to get better every day.” --Software Engineer, Apple Computer

“Social Fluency has changed how I carry myself, every minute of every day since I walked out of their office. A few hours with their team showed me a whole set of new rules for how people interact, and now I see them everywhere and think about them in every conversation - at work, at home, on the bus and at a bar. Its like the game of life just got a reset, and its tons of fun to play!” --Company Founder/CTO, Startup

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