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Social Fluency

Roger from Apple

“I wholeheartedly recommend courses from Social Fluency. The skills I’ve learned have enabled me to create new connections, strengthen existing relationships, and improve my confidence at work and when meeting people in general. Each week, I felt more of my true personality shining through. After internalizing this material, my life is more fun than it’s… Read More »

Social Fluency


This course is so insanely intuitive… as if every new concept I hear, I instantly love, and little by little I realize that the only thing that has been holding me back is me. My choices, my interpretations, my perception of my world. I feel completely free now. – Jeremy D.

Social Fluency

Dan from MBM

“Hands down the best communications class I’ve ever taken! I thought I was already good at communicating with others, but Social Fluency’s class gave me on demand feedback that was invaluable.I especially thought the eye contact part of the class was amazing. I’m now totally comfortable keeping eye contact for longer, appropriate periods of time… Read More »

Social Fluency


The full life transformation I’ve undergone in the past year would have never been possible without you guys. – Tyler

Social Fluency

Dan from StyleSeat

“Social Fluency has changed how I carry myself, every minute of every day since I walked out of their office. A few hours with their team showed me a whole set of new rules for how people interact, and now I see them everywhere and think about them in every conversation – at work, at… Read More »

Social Fluency

Daniel from Ignite Angels

“Social Fluency is one of the most succinct classes I have seen in the corporate training world. The program uses games, drills and exercises to have students try out new behaviors with benefits that are dramatic and immediate. As a reality addict, I really enjoyed the direct ties to science. There isn’t a better place… Read More »

Social Fluency


Love the class. I’ve tried to fix my brain many times using a lot of money and many methods, and you’re course is by far the most forwardthinking and state of the art in terms of method, knowledge and practical application. I would avoid confrontation at work constantly. This course gave me the tools, for… Read More »

Social Fluency


“Things have been great since taking the course! Life is a lot more fun now…” – Mitch

Social Fluency provides corporate training and individual development. Our unique methodology increases individual performance and team productivity. Become fluent in reading body language. Learn why eye contact matters. Build conversational agility. Defuse difficult situations with humor. Get assertiveness training.

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