Love the class. I’ve tried to fix my brain many times using a lot of money and many methods, and you’re course is by far the most forwardthinking and state of the art in terms of method, knowledge and practical application.

I would avoid confrontation at work constantly. This course gave me the tools, for the first time ever, to face my life head on. I have confidence now. I know I can get things that I want. I’d always let the anxiety trump everything else and that’s not happening anymore. I feel liberated for the first time in my life. I haven’t felt this much like myself since I was a young boy. This is ME now, and it feels good.
- Joe N. (Social Anxiety Disorder sufferer)

Social Fluency provides corporate training and individual development. Our unique methodology increases individual performance and team productivity. Become fluent in reading body language. Learn why eye contact matters. Build conversational agility. Defuse difficult situations with humor. Get assertiveness training.

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